TechnoLegends | Corporate Internship

TechnoLegends Internship is deep dive IT and Cyber Security Program to PROVE your thorough knowledge on the most critical skill sets of Information Technology & Security. We also focus to analys and solve practically from diverse industries, such as GOVERNMENT, RETAIL, EDUCATION, BANKING/FINANCE, HEALTHCARE and many more...


Bachelors or Masters /Pursuing in Computer Science/Information Technology / Computer Applications/ M.B.A/ Software, Engineering or related field, Any relevant background in Computer and Programming or Marketing, Certificate of Completion will be granted by TechnoLegends.



    Participants will be evaluated at the end of the Internship and will be provided with TechnoLegends Certified Cyber Security Analyst (TLCSA) + TechnoLegends Certified Linux Engineer (TLCLE) + TechnoLegends Internship Letter & Project.


    TechnoLegends programs are directly based on market demands. Our lecturers are not just scholars—they are industry specialists, and the courses practical focus integrates hands-on work. This is why over 85% of our graduates are currently employed in the industry.


Fundamentals of Computer Networks Analyst

Network Analyst or Architects, also known as network engineer, are involved in the design improvement, and implementation of computer networks. This includes the internet, intranets, LAN, and WAN.


Operating Systems & Server Administration

This module is to develop in-depth knowledge & understanding of Linux Server Administration & Windows Server Administration domain as well as Open Source Security practices.


Cyber Laws, ISO 27001 & Security Standards and Best Practices

Module provides legal recognition to electronic documents, Cyber Laws and also provide a legal framework to mitigate. ISO 27001 is the International Cyber Security standard to improving an Info Sec Management System.


Cryptography, Encryption & PKI

Encryption is performed to ensure the safety and privacy of information sent from one party to another. "Keys" are used to lock (encrypt) and unlock (decrypt) the data has been transmitted, it's for this reason too that a Public Key Infrastructure or PKI comes into play.


Cyber Infra Security & Countermeasures

The hottest topic in the IT industry today is computer security. The principles and practices of this module, are comprehensive overview of network defence. It introduces students to network security threats and methods for defending the network.


Ticketing and Management

To understand, all incoming emails convert into tickets and to prioritize, categorize and assign them.